How To Remember Who You Are

The Real You.

Calm and joyful.

At the core of your being, you are calm. Your true nature is joyful.

You know this to be true.

But your felt knowledge of this truth gets drowned in the noise and commotion of everyday life. That makes you anxious. The more anxious you are, the harder it is to connect to the Real You.

How do you step out of the cycle of commotion and anxiety, and into the calm at the core of your being?

There is a way.

You step onto a path whose landscape is gentle and subtle. It’s the path to your center, where your calm resides.

Nearly everything you have done with your body and mind throughout most of your life has made attentiveness to your subtle, calm core more difficult. That’s not your fault. It's our way of life.

It’s nearly impossible to be aware of the subtle in your body when you are filled with unnoticed core tension. This tension has sneaked up on you over a lifetime. It’s the biggest obstacle to connecting to your calm core.

Here’s the wonderful secret: it isn’t necessary to strive and strain to become aware of the calm core at the center of your being. In fact, just the opposite. You must be gentle.

The Real You - that deeply joyous part of you that’s the source of your innate peace and calm, the source of all of your innate gifts, is what you uncover as your awareness of subtlety increases.

This is a matter of learning how to hold and support yourself so that your tensions dissolve and the real, peaceful, vibrant you can emerge and expand.

The hardest part of this new way is the not straining. It means learning to be gentle and not push yourself, but rather open yourself to what’s possible.

Then you learn how to do things without creating the tensions that fuel anxiety.

The Anatomy of Anxiety

Anxiety is not subtle or gentle. It grips you. It has a hold on you. It locks you.

Anxiety is a physical experience.

When you are anxious, your body releases chemicals and hormones that cause both physical and mental stress – cortisol and adrenaline among others. These chemicals course through your body causing such symptoms as irregular breathing, fluttering heartbeat, increased heart rate, contraction of muscles, changes in body temperature, difficulty concentrating.

When you are in the grip of anxiety, it’s impossible to attend to anything subtle.

But you can dissolve the grip of anxiety.

Dissolving anxiety is something you do by undoing. That’s the hardest part.

You tend to think that to solve something you must DO something. But to connect to your calm core so that it can expand from your center out, through your whole body and mind, you must UNDO.

The Anatomy of Calm

Calm is not an absence of anxiety. Calm is the core of who you are.

When you feel anxious, your calm core is obscured by tension, true anatomical tension, that you can learn how to dissolve. Then you discover your calm core is always there, its subtle existence gently and powerfully supporting you even when you don’t notice.

There are big strong muscles in your core, the strongest in your entire body. When these become tight, which they have over your lifetime, they clamp down on your internal organs and torque your bones out of alignment.

Muscles have arteries and veins running through them. These provide oxygen and nutrients to your body. Your muscles are tense and tight; they constrict the blood flow into muscle tissue, which decreases the nourishment of blood flow and oxygen throughout your body.

Bones are living tissue. They take shape and are aligned according to the tension of the muscles that attach to them and pull them one way or another.

When you decompress your anatomical tension, your bones align to provide effective support. Your muscles no longer pull them out of alignment. Muscles are designed for movement, bones are designed for support. When your bones support you, you don’t need your muscles to hold you up. You only need them for movement. You create a lot of tension by using muscles to support you when your bones are misaligned.

When your muscle tension decreases and your bones align, you get increased blood flow and oxygen throughout your body. Your spine is also aligned, and the flow of energy along your spine and throughout your central nervous system becomes more efficient.

This creates calm in your body and in your mind.

The more you connect to your calm core, the easier it becomes to remain aware of it. This, in turn, dissolves anxiety, and with practice, keeps anxiety from arising in the first place.

You do this by releasing the physical tensions that lock you out of your calm core.

Releasing core tension is a gentle, steady process. Like all lasting things, it takes some time and some discipline to establish.

There are no true quick fixes. But there are lasting fixes.

Your Mind Body Breath – these three - are all you need on this new path. They are with you all of the time, and they are wholly and uniquely yours.

You have everything you need to re-discover the You who you really are. You remember that self – the Real You who is filled with love, laughter, enjoyment, ease.

This is who you really are. It’s time for you to remember by engaging the power of gentle, steady, calm.

It’s a process of remembering and reconnecting.

I offer you practices to help you remember and reconnect to the Real You. Enroll in the course I created to help you do this. I also offer personal coaching.