What's the Point?

In a moment of intimate quiet,

What if someone asked you, “What’s the point?”

Would you have an answer?

Most of the time you go about your daily life without reflecting on who you are and why you are here.

That’s fine, most of the time.

Now and then arise moments of quiet that call to you to ask, “What’s the point?”

You Are The Point

The point is you exist.

You came into life. That’s the beginning. But it isn’t the whole story.

You were brought into existence, but you are the one responsible for shaping your existence. You are the one who chooses how you want to be. This in turn shapes who you are, which shapes all of your actions.

You come into your life with both limitations and gifts: into a certain family, in a particular place, at a particular time in history.

This is the ground of your existence.

Your childhood and youth are the school of life that informs your mature person.

Examining the purpose of your Being – how you wish to shape your existence, the point you want to make of your life – is the beautiful responsibility of your human capacity.

It doesn’t matter what you had or didn’t have as a child, what you experienced or didn’t experience, whom you knew or didn’t know.

In every moment you have the capacity to start as you are, where you are, to shape yourself – your present and future.

Your Existence Is A Partnership

The point of your existence lives and breathes as you, in you, through you.

You came into being to live this.

But you do not exist in isolation. Your existence is a partnership.

Things don’t happen to you, they happen with you.

You have Free Will. You make choices and decisions constantly. No one can deprive you of your ability to choose. Sometimes the circumstances of your choices are limited, but your freedom to choose is unimpaired.

You live as the point by becoming aware of tendencies, tensions, and habits that affect your choices in detrimental ways.

When you do this, your Will begins to align with the Good. That is, you make choices for the greatest benefit to yourself and others, and to everything affected by the outcome of your actions.

You do this even when there seems to be no good choice, even when it’s difficult, when terrible things are happening, even when your choices cannot prevent sadness or pain.

You do this because the point is that you came here to love and be loved.

You do this because you are born to do this. It’s who you are.

Who Are You?

That which created the universe, all that exists, created you.

That powerful force is beautifully described by the Poet Dante, as “The Love that moves the sun and all of the other stars.”

It is Divine.

That means it’s not human.

A human being did not create the universe.

Something far greater, far more powerful, far more creative, did that for us.

That great, powerful, creative force is Love itself. It is Divine Being. Divine Being holds all of existence in its Creation and Life, through and beyond all time and in all places.

That’s why sometimes you feel as if you have touched Eternity, or know some place, though you have never been there.

Everything that exists is shot through with Love – because Love created it.

It is the nature of Love itself to pour forth. Love doesn’t keep itself to itself. It pours forth.

It pours forth in you and through you, as you, because you exist.

Love is who you are.

Love created you, keeps you alive, and it is to Love that you return.

How shall you, in turn, as a manifestation of the Love that moves the sun, pour yourself forth?

How shall you love and be loved?

Pointing Toward The Good

The Love that created the universe Wills only the Good for its creation.

When you forget that you are a full participant in Love, a creation of Love, then you become capable of harm – both to yourself and others.

When you remember who you are and how you are, your own Will, (your decision making) becomes increasingly aligned to the Good. It’s in your nature.

This manifests in all of your actions.

It may pour forth in your work. You do not pour forth when you consider a job beneath you, or just a way to make a living, and therefore do it without care.

Pouring forth means doing the best you can in whatever you are doing at any moment. Love doesn’t pour forth only to meet a job description or make a living. It doesn’t hold back.

Pour Yourself Forth

There is nothing too menial for Love.

Love makes whatever you do worth doing because you are doing it – you who are a ray of the Love that moves the sun.

Acknowledge your own importance, and the importance of all Creation – inside of which all of your acts occur.

It doesn’t matter if no one notices. Recognition, fame, and fortune pale in comparison to the experience of Love itself as it pours forth as you, through you.

Love itself shines in and as you when you perform even tedious, simple, daily things, to the best of your ability.

And as you do this steadily, something magical happens!

Those tedious, simple, daily things become filled with joy and satisfaction.

That’s because they become suffused, through you, with Love.

What Does It Take To Move The Sun?

Only Love.

And a willingness to remind yourself continually of who you are.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice.

The practices aren’t difficult, in fact, they’re simple. They start in your body.

But discipline means you must come to the practices over and over and over again. You practice until the habits and tensions obstructing your awareness of what the point is, dissolve in the blinding light.

I teach the practices that make the point of your existence clear and shining. If you are curious about the practices, my online course is an introduction. If you want to know more, contact me.