Kim Orr is a gifted teacher with the mind of a sage and the heart of a saint.
— Kate Sheehan Roach, Pennsylvania

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Kim Orr

Founder, Your Mind Body Breath


E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, and YACEP Credentialed

Contemplative Practice Yoga® Teacher

Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapist


Kim Orr is the founder of Your Mind Body Breath.  Here is Kim's story, in her own words...


"Cultivating Quiet.  Beholding Beauty.


Quiet and Beauty -- the Thresholds of Eternity, Vastness, and Truth.  How might we cross them and settle into the Infinite they promise? I have sought this since I was a child.  I wanted to find the thresholds that open the doors of our perception and experience of the Infinite; the Eternal in which our Finite existence takes place.


Okay, I was a weird kid. 


But that little kid’s seeking lead me as a young woman to study the Classics. I learned Ancient Greek and Latin so that I could read and know what the brilliant philosophers of antiquity had to say about Truth, Beauty, and Eternity.  They seemed to have Eternal wisdom. 


I wanted that.


I earned a B.A. from Bowdoin College in Classics and Archaeology.  I wanted, literally, to touch Eternity, to hold it in my hands.  I spent time in the dirt, among the ruins at archaeological sites in Italy, unearthing and cradling ancient civilizations in my fingertips.


That wasn’t enough, especially after I discovered the passionate Art of the Baroque Age – Caravaggio and Ribera.  I shifted my graduate studies from Archaeology to Art History.  For Beautiful Art and Architecture, like Beauty in nature, is a threshold for encounters with the Infinite. 


They arrested my soul.


I earned an M.A. in History of Art from Bryn Mawr College, and then passed my Ph.D exams in Art History.  I began writing a doctoral dissertation on the ways in which ancient Philosophies of Beauty informed the Art of later ages. I taught courses at the University of Delaware and at Louisiana State University. 


And one day when I was working in Paris I decided to sit for the Foreign Service Exam.  It was being given at the American Consulate – which is housed in a magnificent Palace of great historical and architectural significance.  I knew it would be my only chance to see the inside of that great building.  So I signed up for the exam.


And I passed.  I was one of 12 candidates to pass through all 4 days of the testing, out of a pool of 11,000 people that year.


My whole life turned.  It was a different kind of Threshold, but I decided to see what was on the other side.


For the next decade, I worked overseas both for government and private sector corporations including one as far afield from my former interests and studies as International Biochemicals Group (IBG), a provider of oil field remediation services.


It was all fascinating and marvellous in its own way, for quite some years.


And then, I wanted to come home again.  I wanted to return to philosophy, to seeking the Infinite and to understand better why we are here and what we are given to be and become. 


I turned my attention back to Contemplation, and to the practices that I had learned through my studies which had sustained me through years of hard, long work overseas.


And that lead me back to the classroom, this time as a Yoga Therapist and teacher.  I entered private practice as a  Certified Yoga Therapist after a 3,000 hour intensive course of study of Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy, and Clinical Practicum.  


I have been teaching yoga and providing Yoga Therapy services for over 15 years now.  I hold the E-RYT 500 credential with Yoga Alliance, which qualifies me to train others to become Yoga Teachers.  And I have been conducting that training since 2011, in a School I created which is accredited with Yoga Alliance.


I am one of six Certified Advanced Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapists in the USA.  In addition, I also hold the C-IAYT certification with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. 


This venture -- a website, blog, and online course -- is my venue for bringing all of this to you, virtually, wherever you are and whenever you are ready to learn.


Thank you for joining me on this path of exploration. 

Kim reveals aspects of your character and actions which you were unaware of, but recognize as true. She opens you to your ongoing life wisdom.
— Everett, Georgia


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