You are no stranger to dedication and responsibility. You've worked hard and cared for others all of your life. You've benefited from doing these things. But a life of hard work and caring is also a life of stress.

Stress and tension are built into your life and seated in your body.

You can do something about this.

For years you have created and carried tensions in your body. The way to unravel your stress is by learning how to dissolve the layers of tensions you have built up over time.

Why does this course work?

Deep in your core, at the heart of your being, you are already calm. You are already at peace. You are already joyful. This is the Real You at your Calm Core.

The Real You is the deepest, sweetest part of you who savors everything good in your life. It’s also the You who encounters the most difficult parts of your life with profound grace and humor.

Consistently calm. Consistently at peace. Consistently filled with bliss simply because you are alive. This is who You really are. Your calm core just gets covered over with layers and layers of tension built up over years of hard work and dedication.

No one has ever taught you how to unravel these layers because it’s not what you will find elsewhere.

We have a culture of “no pain no gain” and of “pushing ourselves.” So all of our “solutions” to stress relief and self-discovery involve adding tension to your already tight core. Even stretching adds tension -- you can feel your muscles tighten when you stretch them. Stretched muscles strain and torque your bones out of alignment. When your bones are out of alignment, tension builds throughout your body.

Even meditation techniques you may have tried add tension -- you are not taught how to support yourself so that you remain comfortable while you meditate. This inhibits your meditation experience because it adds tension to your body.

No one has ever taught you to move and live while creating only a minimum of stress and tension. You can learn to do this.

This course is designed for your success.

You can learn to maintain muscle and cardio health and give yourself the muscle memory of ease, all at the same time.

The way to dissolve your tensions – physical, mental, and emotional, is by being gentle with yourself.

My course guides you through a series of gentle practices to dissolve your deepest tensions using your body, breath, and mind.

Through these practices, you build new muscle memory, which relieves physical tensions. You learn to re-direct your neural pathways (neuro-plasticity) to create mental and emotional habits of calm, ease, and clarity.

Both the practices and the order in which you learn them are based in your anatomy – the anatomy of calm that your body and mind are built for, but that get ignored and covered over by tensions and stress.

The practices are simple, sustainable, and effective. Once inside, you’ll find an option for personal coaching if you want to go deeper.

I invite you to take the course with me.

You have nothing to lose but your tensions.

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Class Curriculum

What You Need to Know to be Successful in This Course

  • Welcome

  • How You Can Experience Maximum Benefit from This Course

Hone Your Proprioception (Dissolve Tensions from Being Unbalanced)

  • How Threshold Practices Work

  • Thresholds: Doors (0:41)

  • Thresholds: Crossings (0:42)

  • Thresholds: Stairwells and Steps (0:54)

Develop Your Interoception (Unlock Your Natural Physical Energy)

  • Introduction: Guided Awareness and Breath Practices

  • How Basic Guided Awareness Practice Works

  • How to Do Basic Guided Awareness Practice

  • Basic Guided Awareness

  • How Basic Breath Practice Works

  • How to Do Basic Breath Practice

  • Basic Breath Practice

Integrate Your Expanded Proprioception and Interoception (Cultivate Expanded Self-Awareness)

  • How Mudra Practices Work

  • How to Do These Mudra Practices

  • Anjali Mudra (1:33)

  • Holding Hands (1:44)

  • Calming Hands (1:23)

Enhance Your Extroception (Deepen Awareness of External Stimuli)

  • How Basic Pose Practice Works

  • How to Do Basic Prose Practice

  • Basic Pose (With Anatomical Explanations) (21:29)

  • Basic Pose (Without Anatomical Explanations) (15:09)

Release Even More of Your Deep Core Tensions

  • How Intermediate Breath Practice Works

  • How to Do Intermediate Breath Practice

  • Intermediate Breath Practice

Expand Your Calm Core Using the Power of Tiny

  • How Tiny Practices Work

  • How to Do These Tiny Practices

  • Make Your Bed Practice (2:03)

  • "Pick Me Up" Practice (1:44)

Liberate the Real You

  • How Yoga Nidra Works

  • How to Do Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Nidra

Your Instructor

Kim Orr, M.A., E-RYT 500, YACEP, C-IAYT

Kim Orr has lived all over the world and loves to say that she can ask for a cookie in seven languages (and that is not counting the dead languages she knows). Kim is a Certified Yoga Therapist who has provided yoga therapy services at hospitals and in private practice for over 15 years. She also trains yoga teachers in Contemplative Practice Yoga® and in Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapy.