there are many ways to approach the infinite, sweet, core of calm within you...


The Real You.


You may have tried different paths – most of which were dead ends or blind alleys.  But you can’t know that until you have started out and gotten lost, or until you eventually realized that you were on a path that leads to nowhere.


Over the past two decades many people have come to me for a compass.  And because I split the path before them, I mapped the way.


My students and therapy clients encouraged me to create this online community so that even if you do not live near me, you can benefit from the maps I have created:  as many as I can give you that don’t require my immediate presence beside you. 


You will find two things on this site:


1.  Writing and teaching that help you reflect on your life and cultivate the quiet and calm that are at already at your core, but not on the map you have been using. 


Your calm, sweet, quiet core is where your true self is found.  This is the Real You who is not covered over and confused by tension, anxiety, and doubt.  The you who is joyful and contented. Your Real You abides at your center -- a place you won’t find on many maps.


2.  Courses that give you practical, simple, gentle practices to follow using your mind, body, and breath.  These give you access to your calm core which is where the Real You exists.


What I offer you is a way to acquire embodied knowledge of how to live in expanding calm, comfort, and contentment. And, deeper wisdom than you can imagine possible.


This site is not about “hacks” to greater productivity or quick fixes for the problems of life.   It’s about who you are and how you wish to be.  And you can’t ‘hack’ that. 


My writing and my courses are the fruit of many years of thought, practice, and teaching.  To read what I write or to take the courses requires your attention and your own reciprocal thoughtfulness. 


And above all, it requires your dedication – to yourself  – to who you are and how you wish to be.


If you are ready to explore that, then this is the place for you.