Praise for Kim Orr

Founder of Your Mind Body Breath 

how to relieve stress

robbin messersmith, maine

Kim provides an integration - an increase in  dimension of understanding - and clarity of the simplicity required to reclaim my true nature.  Her concerted and thorough preparation for this work  is evident.  Her voice creates a safe place to explore - you are in very good hands!

how to calm anxiety

althea cervantes, california

Kim teaches you how to get relief from physical, mental, and emotional stress. She gives you comfort and strength and teaches you how to care for yourself.

overcome tension

adam eitel, connecticut

I've never met anyone like Kim. She is an exceptionally gifted teacher, a bold yet patient counselor, and a tremendous source of uplift and refreshment. She can be all these things, however, because she is first and foremost a lover of wisdom: she searches for truth--wherever it can be found--and then converts what she discovers into concrete insight that can benefit others. Anyone looking for someone like this (and who isn’t looking for someone like this?) need look no further. Kim is the real deal.

Kim Orr is a gifted teacher with the mind of a sage and the heart of a saint.
— Kate Sheehan Roach, Pennsylvania
When I had a question about a specific perverse reaction of mine to the world, I thought “Kim Orr is someone who could understand this question!” Kim helped me understand the general nature of what I was asking and the state of my spirit. Then she wrote me and gave me a specific practice - priceless and exactly right on. I’m doing it and it’s changing the color of my life. Kim can listen and has good judgment; she’s remarkably wise and gentle. “Ask Kim!” There’s hope for us.
— Julie Jordan, New York
Kim has helped me move toward an understanding of various fears and uncertainties that have troubled me for many years. She has given me tools for being at peace where I am now, as well as tools to move me in the direction I want to go. She has helped to clarify my thinking regarding my life’s purpose, and reminded me that we are all of us on one path.
— Anna Priddy, Louisiana
I do not believe I will ever seek chiropractic care again after being exposed to Kim’s practices. I recommend her classes and therapy to everyone I know because it works. You won’t manage your pain anymore, you will end it. This practice is restorative, calming, and most of all makes you feel good! Plus Kim is a delight!
— Heather Tomasini, Colorado
Thank you so much for this beautiful class. I’m really happy I participated. Your love, enthusiasm, and compassion really come through. You’ve offered many great gems!
— Beth Urban, Tennessee
And here is yet, another practice for lifting me into the flow of life and all of it’s wonder. Thank you very much for a great course, I look forward to the next time I can join!
— Serene White, Tennessee
Thanks again for all the insightful information you communicated on the phone course, Living Harmoniously; Discovering our Dharma. It has made a difference in how I see myself in the world.
— Elaine Nesta, Canada
Thank you for being part of my life and my process. Your teachings are invaluable, and very much appreciated as they come from a beautiful heart.
— Margaret Howard-Smith, Australia
Thanks for opening my heart to a part of myself that has had to live in subconscious for a long time.
— Irene Fortune, Colorado
I am enthralled with all of this . . . and the way you present it is just magnificent! I perceive all of this new information like a child discovering the world for the first time, or like a gift with “gilded edges”. It makes me feel the way I did when I first discovered I have a spiritual life about 10 years ago.
— Cheslie Lachnacht, Georgia
Kim spoke with clarity, depth, wisdom, and humor which allowed me to experience the meaning of Dharma...the words came to life. A Profound experience that has moved me deeply.
— Yuuko Mabrey Falsetto, California